NCHE is a collaboration between three surfers that understand the relationship between a wetsuit and its owner. Surfing connects, but doesn’t define the three. With backgrounds in fashion, design, and high-performance surfing, NCHE has set about stripping their wetsuits of the needless: logos, gimmicks, heinous colour schemes, and instead focusing on minimally designed, functional suits at a reasonable price point. You wouldn’t walk the street looking like a billboard, so why should you in the surf?


The brand launched in 2015 from it’s base in Freshwater beach on the northern beaches of Sydney. Freshwater’s the site of the first wave ridden in Australia, and Sydney’s northern coastline is one of the creative hubs of the surfing world. The brand is a product of it’s environment; a blend of Sydney’s thriving fashion scene and rich surfing heritage.


NCHE’s focus is split into four elements: performance, aesthetic, quality and manufacturing practices. The suits are made with sustainable materials and every step has been taken to ensure that the manufacturing process treads as lightly as possible, without compromising function or performance. Stripping dispensable features, expanding the panel sizes and using contoured seam lines makes the suits some of the lightest and most flexible on the market today. They’re warm too—quality neoprene and a plant-based, charcoal and bamboo lining makes sure of that. And there’s one element that ties them all together. Aesthetic. Tasteful logos, subtle tones, great looking suits. For the man who likes to stand out and fit in, simultaneously.


More than anything, NCHE frees the modern surfer from the shackles of multi-nationals. Forced purchases borne out lack of choice are no more. NCHE has stripped wetsuits back to all that they should be and the brand’s become the wetsuit of choice for the sophisticated Australian surfer. Now, NCHE is coming to Europe and the Americas. Functional performance garments, tastefully designed.